I started programming a long time ago in elementary school on 8-bit Consul computers. I knew immediately that programming, creating something from nothing, is what I want to do. In the beginning, I focused more on game development. Over the years, I've used several different computers, such as the 8-bit Atari 800XE, Commodore 64 II, 16-bit Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, and today, of course, modern PCs. I also often had to learn a different programming language for each computer. Before the internet and before Youtube existed, it was a real challenge.

During the years I worked on many B2C, B2B, and SaaS projects for many different clients around the world. I have developed from scratch e-commerce solutions, information systems, business portals, social networks, custom CMS, many types of websites, tools, and even a few small games.

Who I am and what can I do for you?


Web Developer

I can create any web application as needed (B2B, B2C, SaaS, whatever), preferably using PHP and Symfony. Or help you develop, maintain, or update your existing application.

Software Developer

I can create any desktop application programmed in C# .NET for Windows OS as needed. Or help you develop, maintain, or update your existing application.

Android Developer

I can also help you develop applications or games for devices using Google's Android operating system. Applications developed in Java or C#, games in Gamemaker or Unity.

Projects I've created or worked on

Unfortunately, the list is far from complete. Some projects are missing because of the NDA, others because they get lost in time.



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